Federation for the Accession of Romania



Paraschiva Association

The Paraschiva Center was founded in 2006 at parents' initiative, with children and young people with disabilities in Valea Doamnei area and neighboring localities. The PARASCHIVA Day Care Center is the educational support for children / young people with disabilities in the area, an institution that helps to school and community integration.

ACE – Social Economy

ACE-Social Economy is a long-term work to be / become the best, ASH in the sleeve of any person, group, communities seeking their way to prosperity and sustainable development.


The Disabled Persons Association - Sporting Club Galati (APH) has been operating since February 1992, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 21/1924 modified by GO no. 26/2000 and other legal regulations.
Association of Persons with Handicap - Sporting Club Galati is a non-governmental, apolitical and humanitarian legal person.

Distonia Association

DISTONIA Association is a Romanian, nonprofit and apolitical juridical person with social, educational, scientific, cultural, humanitarian, apolitical and non-governmental, autonomous character, functioning according to the Romanian legislation. The purpose of the association is to support the disadvantaged persons suffering from rare diseases and different types of disability to provide them with help and assistance, respecting their dignity without discrimination of any kind, irrespective of age, gender, political or religious affiliation, social and / or material status.