Freedom of movement!

About us

About us

Our Story

Our story is the story of “Harap Alb” ! Nothing new so far. Why do people meet ? Why do they stay together ? Why do they want to build something “much more bright and beautiful “ ? Because we are Romanian , and we carry inside the Champion Manole’s Myth and Harap Alb’s Story ! We have met, left together because we know,can, support , help, but most important because we decided to move on together, we are dedicated, we are winners, empathize, long story short, we are professionists.
Only together we can make Romania better! Our motto: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT! Our goal: ACCESS FOR ALL!
Acces for all! Freedom of movement!


The Romanian society is based on individuals and groups qualified as interactions and social relationships, as a result of some actions and individual or group behaviors. FAR was created from the willing to promote and monitories the access and accessibility ! The social action of FAR is the fundamental component of the activity and constitutes an integrated assemble of distinct activities, meant to obtain a concrete result in monitoring the access and accessibility. (Art 9 from the ONU Convention regarding the rights of the disabled persons. ) with the goal of creating a radiography of a very important component of the social system, a person with a functional deficiency, disabled person.

FAR militates for

  • The access to all policies, systems, and conventional services through a process of integration , that should provide the equal participation of the disabled with the other persons in any kind of activity and services addressed to the general public ( access to education, culture, health system, employment, social services, etc. )
  • The investment in programs and specific services for the disabled ( technological rehabilitation of assistance : assistive disposals, professional rehabilitation ) . It’s also important that the programs and existent services are re-checked to evaluate and improve their performances.
  • Adopting a national strategy to evaluate an action plan which should stabilize a reviewed and detailed vision on long term to improve the situation of the disabled persons.
  • Actively involve the disabled in formulating and applying domain strategies.
  • Providing an adequate finance and improving the financial accessibility. Contracting the service providers, promoting the public-private partnerships, especially for the non-profit organizations and de-centralization of the disabled to a carriage focused on the consummator.
  • Raising the public grade of awareness and understanding of the disability.
  • Improving data collection on the disability, for example, including questions on disabled domain through different surveys.
  • Consolidating and supporting the research on disability, centered on the following zones:
    • The environmental factors impact ( politics, physical , attitudes );
    • The life quality of the disabled ;
    • Barriers in conventional and specific services, with the role of overcoming them in different contexts ;
    • Programs of accessibility and universal adequate design ;
    • Interaction between environmental factors – health conditions – disability – poverty ;
    • The cost of the disability and the efficiency- cost of the public spending with the specific domain programs.

FAR supports

  • Disabled persons, to help them become aware of their rights, independently live and develop their aptitudes ;
  • Children with disabilities and their families to assure their inclusion in the educational system;
  • Represents the members opinions internationally, nationally and locally -decisional factors and services providers and militate for their rights ;
  • Contributes in evaluation and monitoring services and collaborates with the researchers to support the applied research which can contribute to develop services ;
  • Promotes the awareness and understanding level by specialists on the disabled persons rights, through supporting campaigns and instruction regarding the equality of chances, access to services, education , occupation, etc. ;
  • Provides monitoring of services of transport and other systems and services which promotes the disappearance of barriers from the disabled way...